miercuri, 30 iunie 2010

Ethnography and folklor customs and traditions in rural tourism

We suggest you to visit and participate in religious celebrations Harvest Day and the Healing Spring to Bălţeşti, Craftsmen Fair at Gorgota and cheese festival in the Valley to play customs and traditions Doftana accompanied by folklor performances ,performed by bards but also by numerous singers
Folkloric art exhibits belonging to the old Prahova can be seen in the village Pietriceaua , who holds the handicraft evening sitting

Museums, memorial houses, historical monuments, cultural tourism

Touristic objectives are represented by memorial houses and museums which we found in almost all area around Slanic Prahova.Most of these serve the interests of science or culture and visitors to commemorate their people through this account that were born and lived on land Prahova
-Ticu Dumitrescu memorial house from Olari village
-Local historical museum Sangeru
-Heroes monument Telega
-Ruler Cross Melicesti built in honor of King Charles I ; and many others historical sights which deserve to be visted

joi, 24 iunie 2010

Slanic Prahova

Slanic City  became known primarly due to the exploatation of salt 

Begginings are related to Mihai Cantacuzino , who discovered a salt deposit in Slanic Prahova . His desire was to open a mine . He bought in 1685 - 1694 the Slanic estate and in 1688 took place the first salt exploatation in Valea Verde (Green Valley) . 

In 1713 Cantacuzino donates the entire Slanic estate , and all the mines toMonastery Costea in Bucharest

From the seventeenth-century salt exploatation was made in Baia Baciului , Baia Verde  and Dorobantesti , whereof there are no more informations

marți, 22 iunie 2010

Youth Exchange

yes is truth the Youth Exchange will take place from 24 till 31 July 2010