vineri, 13 august 2010

youth exchange program impressions

after each day of program we submit a short resume

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  1. 25.07.2010
    Yesterday was absolutely amazing for all Turkish people. Before we arrived Romania we didn’t think we’ll be in such activities. Breakfast was good by the way. While we are all introducing ourselves, that was nice you all were kindly and patient to us.
    when we went out for missions, each of us felt like “this must be our country”. Because roads and people and weather we is so similar in Turkiye.
    after lunch we all web to our beds because we were dying of tired.
    In the evening we had so much fun. Romanian evening was pretty good. They were all dressed in some folkloric costumes and show us some Romanian songs, taught us how to dance on their music and then we tasted some special sweets or food nationals for Romania. About dances we danced on them more easily because in some parts of 0Turkiye we have a lot of types of dances just like theirs.
    Palinca is pretty good drink. Especially if you don’t drink so much, because is strong and you can get easily drunk/ it is as strong as “Raki” is. You will know what I meant by” as Raki is” in our traditional night.the party continues until late.
    So at the end we had so much fun yedterday.and we are pretty sure that our friends had a mountain of fun too (but never ever enough) )

    Best wishes,
    From the warmest Mediterranean country
    Turkiye!!!!!!!!! Yigitcan (akaJohn), Halit, Emre and Orcun

  2. Monday
    we went in the city and meet with local people, we arrived at the Slanic High school.
    there we played 2 energisers and went inside were Greg made a Youth in action presentation on powerpoint quite long almost to fell asleep.
    we had a very traditional lunch of different salads very duch.
    for the afternoon we talked about local legend from Slanic and Italy and Turkey and Iov history from the bible as all related to salt legends.
    the dinner was awesome we had Gourmette a cooking table for each 6 person were we sat talked and made dinner.
    in the evening we had wooden shoe dance& music
    Great job
    post from Constanta team

  3. Tuesday
    We woke up early at 7o’clock we took breakfast and we played some interesting games.
    At 10 o’clock we went walking 5 km up on the hills to see the Green Stone Mountain. It was very hot weather, without water, but we found there a spring of water and it was so nice, we drinked, played and had fun. On the way up we were divided into two strings, one person near another, an for 10 minutes we had to share with your neighbour but one subject. When we went down the hill somebody (Greg) came with his car and brought us juices
    We arrived at maybe 2 o’clock at Roberto’s restaurant where we had lunch. After lunch we had a little bit of freetime. At 5 o’clock we played with some polymer clay (a plastilin that goes into the avon and gets like plastic) which is called FIMO (the translation in dut h is funny). We made for ourselves and for the loved oone jewelery and souafter this we also had free time for half an hour, took a shower and went to the restaurant called GROTA MIRESEI (in translation the bride’s cave and this place has a impressive story, legend). We at e there a lot of delicious food and also had fun until late.
    At 12 o’ clock everybody went home and we continued the party at home……
    From Italy

  4. Wednesday morning everybody wake up too late for breakfast. After breakfast, freshing up and an energizer we went to the “Unirea” salt mine. It was very cold especially for those who forgot to take some extra clothes. The mine was so impressive. Very deep (208 m depth) and very large (like a big big room all made out of salt).we discussed about the importance of salt and how is produced in different countries. Lots of pictures were taken down there. There were a lot of small stands with souvenirs. So this was a great opportunity to buy presents for our secret friends and for the friends back home.
    After visiting the mine we all went back to the village and had a nice Italian way lunch at Roberto’s, the down town restaurant.
    We went to the mountain of salt and Baia Baciului, and played Marak tribe game about the decision making in scare resources areas with traditional exploitation.
    In the evening we ate a very nice Italian pasta and after that the Italians made music and were dancing the traditional Tarantela dance for us. After that we had some real nice Italian red wine. then the party started. There was a lot of dancing and a lot of fun. Some of us even went to bed very early in the morning hoping to catch the sunrise.
    Greetings from Holland!!!

  5. Thursday
    In the morning wehad breakfast in a hurry because we overslept (I guess last night we stayed for party late) and now we had to catch up the lost time.
    We went to the salt museum of Slanic city. Greg translated into English wha that an said. We have learned about bell-shaped mining rooms, about the getting the salt out of the mine, about how many rooms and which is the oldest..
    We went upstairs and that man told us “halit” is the name of the salt rock (I guess Halit had fun) nd then he showed us some pictures of the salt mountain and we learned about the importance of salt.
    We came back home and after lungh we had a little time to rest and tjen we played two fun games, one with a spider and one with shooting in the wild wild west. After yhis we had the city rally presentation where we shared with te others who weren;t part of our group how did we fulfill our tasks in the city rally on Sunday.
    Then Turkish night with their NGO presentation, a sdhort movie abut the students’ way to have fun in turkey, Raki presentation, some dances thenbarbecue dinner in Turkish way.
    Also this night we want to have fun so the party continues ..

    Romanian team